What would be the next level of team performance for your organisation?

We support your organisation’s success by helping your teams to unlock their full potential.


This work generates the high quality decisions you need, and the team dynamics which underpin a virtuous cycle of collective problem solving, innovation and implementation.

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Team Coaching

Team Effectiveness Diagram - Leadership Space

Team Effectiveness Framework

In order to be a high performing organisation, leadership teams need to be operating effectively. They must have positive and productive cultures,be purposeful and efficient.


Our powerful Team Framework works with team coaching to fast track the ability of teams to achieve effectiveness, cohesion and satisfaction.


Benefits of team coaching:


  • It helps to fast track team formation, moving quickly from forming through storming, to norming and performing.

  • Team coaching is practical, working on the decisions and relationship dynamics as they happen.

  • It allows teams to hone in on the areas that will make the biggest difference to them personally.


Packages to suit your needs:


  • Packages of 2 to 6 sessions

  • Each session 2 hours

  • With or without team profiling

“Leadership Space enabled our leadership team to clearly understand and deliver on the outcomes necessary for success.” – Sylvanvale Foundation

Team Profiling Workshop

Lumina Spark diagram - Leadership Space
Well performing teams are critical to the success and performance of organisations. Teams which come together to reflect on their collective strengths and blind spots, and practice using a common language to address diversity, find it easier to resolve differences, pull together and stay resilient.


At Leadership Space we offer a team workshop incorporating the profiling tool Lumina Spark.


Benefits of the team profiling workshop:


  • It helps to fast track team formation, moving from forming through storming, to norming and performing.
  • It enables the team to see itself as a collective; to understand its    common strengths and gaps without judgement.
  • It generates collective buy-in and insight to the job of creating a positive team culture.
  • It creates a common vision of success for the team, owned by everyone.
“We just did in 1 day, what would have taken us 6 months.” - BackTrack


We help you to get answers to the important questions facing your organisation. You gain solutions that are insightful and robust, and that have high levels of buy-in and alignment from the people who must implement them.


 Areas we specialise in include:


  • Strategic positioning
  • Theory of change
  • Organisational structure
  • Plan implementation
  • Leadership
  • Board-executive relations
  • Cultural change

Team Days/Off-Sites

More information coming soon, please contact us.

Board Leadership

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When we work with you to support team outcomes, we take a collaborative approach to achieving the goals.


We work quickly to establish trust, and calibrate our style to fit with the team, so that what we are doing is stretching, culturally attuned and generates the outcomes that are needed.


It is powerful, appropriate, and useful.

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