We help individuals and teams transform organisational effectiveness.


We offer the ability to work with us privately or organisationally. Our largest client has upwards of 1500 staff, and we have clients of every size in between, from emerging manager to highly experienced Board Chair.


You can engage us for individual coaching, team coaching, team offsites, strategy development or to help you embed widespread culture change engaging the Board, Executive and staff.


We make it easy to tap into the support you need by offering you breadth, depth and flexibility.

Our approach is accessible, transformative and engaging


Our approach is grounded in the neuroscience of what creates transformational change in individuals, teams, and systems.


Our ethics are strengths-based, solution oriented and client-led.


This provides you with access to a rich resource. It includes brain science, mindfulness, body-wisdom, systems thinking and emotional intelligence. This is augmented with specialities in key areas like effective communication, conflict resolution, time management, strategic competency, and models for leadership.

Elise Sernik Leadership Space

We employ processes that maximise value and accountability


We provide you with access to diagnostics that bring fresh insight, and value right from the beginning of our engagement. We form a shared understanding of the strengths and opportunities for development, and then work with you to support change and impact.


It is responsive, tailored and accessible.