What we do


We help leaders to establish positive cultures that drive strategy, and create cohesive and effective management and Board teams.


We provide the back-up, tools and coaching that enables our sector’s smart, committed people
to achieve their next horizon of performance and satisfaction.


In our complex contexts, we support leadership teams to extend their abilities in mission-critical areas:

being continuously strategic, balancing head and heart, and enabling change resilience.

A Snapshot Of


  • Leadership Coaching

    Partnering with individuals to reach personally defined and organisationally valuable goals.


  • First 90 Days Program

    Decreasing the chances of a costly fail or clumsy landing in the high stakes early phase of a role.


  • Career Coaching

    Supporting executives to chart their career move and achieve it, aligned to purpose, pragmatics and passion.

  • Team Coaching

    Helping leadership teams to become what they aspire and need to be in order to succeed.


  • Facilitation

    Facilitation that defines the path forward and generates buy-in through the process: strategy development, restructuring, values development, mergers.


  • Team Days / Off-Sites

    Short immersive experiences that accelerate team performance and enhance valuable competencies.


  • Board Leadership

    Partnering with Directors to clarify their roles and responsibilities, and relationship with the Executive.

  • Individual and Team Profiling

    Providing powerful profiling tools which accelerate insight and outcomes for individuals and teams.


  • Culture Change

    Working with leadership to define the culture required and bring it into reality, including skilled change leadership.



We partner to design an effective approach with three critical components

Diagnosis, Formulation, Breakthroughs diagram - Leadership Space

Diagnosis sheds light on the core issues and challenges. Formulation spotlights individual and collective genius.

Breakthroughs see executives and teams thrive, and cultures of trust, accountability and creativity take hold. Organisations flourish, taking ideas, programs and impact to the next level.