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Profiling with Lumina Spark

Lumina Spark diagram - Leadership SpaceTo become an exceptional organisation with great leaders and engaged employees requires having tools to understand and address strengths and weaknesses of individuals and teams. At Leadership Space we offer Lumina Spark.


Benefits of Lumina Spark:


  • It is a mid-level tool making it powerful and insightful, as well as cost effective.

  • The colourful framework and colloquial language is so memorable that it becomes a useful internal language for everyone.

  • It is growth oriented and constructive. It doesn’t label people or put them in a box, but rather helps to clarify individual’s preferences and tendencies in a way that creates genuine openness and interest.

“It was incredibly impacting for me. I am so grateful to have new tools for multiple arenas of my performance.” – Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

Culture Survey

Assisting organisations to embed widespread culture change.

More information coming soon, please contact us.


More information coming soon, please contact us.

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