First 90 Days

Keen to ensure a successful landing in a new role?

Our first 90-days program gives leaders the headspace and tools to ensure a success of the high stakes probationary period, and beyond.


It is equally valuable whether you are internally or externally recruited, experienced or promoted. It is invaluable when transitioning from commercial or government roles into the social purpose sector.

Outcomes that maximise success

  • Set key relationships up for success
  • Thought partner on early decisions
  • Harness insights and learning
  • Debrief from previous roles
  • Establish strategic intent
  • Decompress emotionally
  • Consciously work to strengths
  • Identify and secure quick wins
  • Manage blind spots 

What to expect from the first 90 days program with us


When you engage us to work with you during your first 90 days, we help to facilitate your thinking, approach and prioritisation, giving you space to reflect and high value topics to consider. 


In addition to the private sessions for the incoming leader, we also offer the option to include a facilitated session between the leader and any key stakeholders in the new organisation, for example the line manager (Chair or CEO), departing position-holder, key directors. These add a level of rigour to the relationship building and/or information gathering which help set everyone up for long term success.


The approach is collaborative, hands-on and energising.


A program design that is simple, effective and responsive

  • Core 4 session package
  • Prior to commencing, then monthly
  • Each session 1.5 hours
  • 4 months of phone and email access
  • Our meeting rooms or yours
  • Sponsored by the Chair or CEO
  • Additional facilitated sessions optional
  • Facilitated sessions: 1 hour
  • Between incoming leader and key people