Professional Development

Leadership Space is a provider of high quality executive learning and team building.

We design professional development experiences that are engaging, thought-provoking people in suits one facing forwardand fresh. Our value is in our combination of rich and deep content combined with highly interactive experiential learning so that every participant walks away with real and enduring  value.

We have been engaged as facilitator-presenter for away days, conferences, webinars and thought leadership events, such as:

In addition we have delivered workshops in partnership with a range of commercial firms including:

  • BDO
  • Corrs Chambers Westgarth
  • Macquarie Private Bank
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Macquarie Group
  • Deutschbank

Topic ideas to stimulate your thinking :

  • Unleashing the power of purpose: We look at the relationship between personal, and organisational purpose and why is this so crucial to board and leadership performance.
  • Solving complex problems: This session explores our capacity as leaders to solve complex problems in our fast changing contexts, and to recognise when that isn’t the nature of the issue we face.
  • Influencing for change: A critical role of the leader or manager is the ability to effectively influence those around you to become excited by and bought into your ideas for change.
  • Leadership for innovation: This session looks at the question of how participants can catalyse leadership from above and below in their organisation.
  • High-level communication: For many professionals, success as a communicator is a game of trial and error. Knowing what you are doing and why makes a really big difference.
  • Leadership for social impact: Many executives move from having achieved professional success to wanting personal significance in their lives. The social purpose sector offers fantastic opportunities to achieve this, but knowing how to engage requires knowledge, contacts, and context. This session provides that so that  the drive for more meaning can be achieved.

We are skilled at creating both short and long experiences to suit our clients and forums. Talk to us if you are interested in:

  • Webinars
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Executive retreats
  • Away-Days
I recently attended a seminar facilitated by Elise.  I was tremendously impressed by the way she was able to succinctly convey the topics and clarify the many ways in which I could make a contribution.  The diversity of her experiences and her sensitive manner contributed greatly to each participant walking away motivated, informed and inspired.  I am particularly grateful to Elise for highlighting the value of my personal purpose as a means to engage with others.”
Grant, Lawyer and transitioner
“Elise has a flair for delivering a really good mix of teaching and interactive exercises. As both a facilitator and coach she is very effective. She is engaging and professional and brings deep experience and passion. I gained valuable context and insight, and would highly recommend her.”

Judy, Board Director and transitioner

“I’d like to thank you for the half-day offsite workshop that you did with the team. It was a great session and really useful, and I’d certainly consider using Leadership Space again in the future.”
Antonia Ruffell, CEO, Australian Philanthropic Services
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