First 100 days

Tick all the boxes

We work with you to…

  • Establish your influence and key relationships
  • Problem-solve key projects and early questions
  • Develop effective indicators of success (KPIs )
  • Implement an effective learning strategy
  • Secure early quick wins
Leadership Solutions
“Working with Elise meant I benefited from a solid approach to my first 100 days as CEO. It helped me clarify the job expectations, contributed to me effectively prioritising my work over those first crucial few months, and assisted in decision-making. The other part that I think is highly valuable is the structured approach it brought to developing my rapport with the Chair of the board.  Overall, agreat way to start out in a new role that was important to bothme, and the Foundation, to get right.”
Michael Hornby, Chief Executive, Prince Charles Hospital Foundation
“The First 100 Days program was invaluable because it gave focus to critical areas early in the tenure of our new CEO. Elise has a style that makes it easy to open up about the thorny issues and she facilitates discussions very well, offering good insights. The combination of her skills and the structured approach meant healthy discussions took place. Preparing the KPI’s and assisting guide the suggested allocation of time for the new CEO was very helpful as well. I would highly recommend it.”
Bernard Curran, Chair, Creche & Kindergarten Association & Prince Charles Hospital Foundation
“During the 3 months Elise and I worked together I gained perceptive insights and it challenged my thinking around processes. Working together helped clarify my role and the expectations, contributed to stronger and more honest working relationships with the Chairs of the board, and contributed to a stronger vision of what needs to get done.”
Belinda Leonard, Chief Executive, Nordoff Robins Music Therapy Association

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