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Transition to a social purpose career

We help you figure out what you want to do next with your career and then create that outcome. We work executives who already have a social purpose career, those who have had a career in commercial settings and those who have combined both. We are particularly skilled at helping mid and senior level professionals to identify what they really want to do and make that future a reality. The professional lives that our clients create as a result of working with us are incredibly diverse. Some secure top roles in leading social purpose organisations, others create their own enterprises, and still others form a portfolio of Board and consulting positions. We believe that careers are limited only by our imagination, courage and willingness to spend some time working on achieving what we really want.
We work with you to…

  • Develop your vision and purpose
  • Shape realistic goals
  • Use a process that works
  • Gain clarity and confidence
  • Build your networks
  • Make sound decisions
  • Maintain momentum
  • Get the outcomes
stepping out of box on field
Elise coached me through a significant career transition, from a senior executive role in Government to stepping out on my own as an independent consultant.  Elise helped me to crystallise my values and sense of purpose, and translate these into a clear picture of what a purposeful, meaningful work and life looked like, with actions to move in this direction. Through this coaching I gained greater self awareness of my skills and expertise and the areas that I wanted to work in, and the confidence to walk this path.     

Elise is exceptional at navigating road blocks above and below the waterline – working through internal challenges and resistance to change, while ensuring progress and actions were tracked and delivered. Elise is a powerful coach, she has a huge amount of empathy and ability to connect; and supported deep transformation in my life.  Elise also has solid business skills, providing practical advice and feedback when needed.  Having trained as a coach myself I set a fairly high bar, and Elise easily surpassed this.  I highly recommend her and would love to work with her again. 
Claire McKendrick, NSW Health to independent consultant
“Elise is an exceptional and intuitive guide for professional transitions.  She brought an immense range of knowledge, helpful resources and tools, and a whole-person consideration that enabled me anchor into myself and create a container for transformation.  Her amazing ability to listen deeply meant that I felt truly heard, and she challenged me exactly when I needed it most. This combination helped me evolve my goals, strategies and action plans, with a deep sense of accountability, not only to her but also to myself. I would not have been as successful in transitioning without Elise’s guidance. Our work together has been a priceless gift that will surely keep giving.”
Marisa Guber, Centre for Social Impact, to Nook Studios
“From the moment I started working with Elise, I felt engaged and committed to my goal of a significant career shift. Her process provides momentum, ensuring I was moving forward, rather than drifting. Importantly, Elise opened my mind to new paths and opportunities that I hadn’t previously considered. Once I started interviewing, Elise proved to be a great resource and gave me a significant edge during what was a highly competitive process. I found the process stimulating, challenging and ultimately rewarding – securing a great role in a new industry. Success!“
Richard Lindell, Director, International CFO Forum
 “The confidence and clarity I gained in my career journey was excellent. I am thrilled. I valued the variety Elise was able to bring; help to think through out how to approach some of the tricky conversations I needed to have, practical ideas, challenging me to keep up the momentum, and an overall plan. Absolutely recommended.”
Shane S., career transitioner

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