Tips for climbing the spiral of learning 
We had a client recently who said this at the end of his coaching session: "What I got from today is that my development is a spiral. It's not a linear trajectory”. As a smart and high performing executive the revelation that learning isn't a neat diagonal line towards mastery was pretty significant. Here are 3 tips
man looking at drawn light bulb
Three beliefs to support change
Here are three beliefs that will support anyone during change, whether it is organisational or personal. Inspired by the deep-thinking testimonial from Dr Norman Gillespie, CEO of UNICEF Australia.
Chair CEO cogs
Inside tips for creating a strategic board
Many leaders want to create a better board for their organisation but are stumped as to Chair CEO cogshow to go about it. We talked to five leaders and asked them to share their tips.
Interview with Elise Sernik
Elise talks about purpose
Elise Sernik is interviewed here on unleashing the power of purpose, transitions by commercial executives into the social purpose economy, and why she established Leadership Space. From the Better Boards Conference. Check it out.
From governing to leadership
Leadership Space will once again be a speaker at the fabulous Better Boards conference, this year hosted in Brisbane, 24 - 26 July. We'll be looking at what it means to be focused on governance versus leadership, and why this is a pivotal shift in the current market.
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