Get in the zone for growth
We've all heard the adage and research that our mindset shapes our ability to learn. The concept of having a Growth versus Fixed mindset is a valuable tool to stimulate insight on this critical topic.
7 ways to stay positive while finding a job
Here are seven ways to turn your career change into a purpose-driven job searches. These are the practices that turn a transition from a lowlight to a highlight in their careers. Article by Aaron Hurst, author of the Purpose Economy.
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The ROI on learning
The report "Learning for Purpose" is a landmark Australian study of the impact of people development for social purpose organisations. It finds that for each $1 spent on developing people in the nonprofit sector, there is a return of around $6 in terms of income and impact.
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Levels of listening
Listening is a science and an art but our default conception of listening tends to be more in the domain of science. We often think of it as receiving information either correctly and completely, or incorrectly or partially. We might think about whether we are attending to information using visual, auditory an
Tips for climbing the spiral of learning 
We had a client recently who said this at the end of his coaching session: "What I got from today is that my development is a spiral. It's not a linear trajectory”. As a smart and high performing executive the revelation that learning isn't a neat diagonal line towards mastery was pretty significant. Here are 3 tips
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