We are grateful to our clients who have taken the time to share their experience of working with us.

Elise coached me through a significant career transition, from a senior executive role in Government to stepping out on my own as an independent consultant.  Elise helped me to crystallise my values and sense of purpose, and translate these into a clear picture of what a purposeful, meaningful work and life looked like, with actions to move in this direction. Through this coaching I gained greater self awareness of my skills and expertise and the areas that I wanted to work in, and the confidence to walk this path.     

Elise is exceptional at navigating road blocks above and below the waterline – working through internal challenges and resistance to change, while ensuring progress and actions were tracked and delivered. Elise is a powerful coach, she has a huge amount of empathy and ability to connect; and supported deep transformation in my life.  Elise also has solid business skills, providing practical advice and feedback when needed.  Having trained as a coach myself I set a fairly high bar, and Elise easily surpassed this.  I highly recommend her and would love to work with her again. 

Claire McKendrick, NSW Health to Independent Consultant 

My coaching with Barb has provided me with the impetus to set aside time and head space for working on my own professional development. My sessions are always insightful and enjoyable but above all they give me greater clarity and confidence in the robustness of my leadership decisions. Her coaching provides a supportive environment to test my assumptions and reflect on my approach to complex situations and I walk away with a much clearer pathway forward. Invaluable!

Marnie Karmelita, Head of Programming, New Zealand Festival

“I want to say a huge thank you to Barb and Leadership Space for what has been and continues to be an amazing coaching experience. I started my leadership journey on my own, not sure if it was right for me. I now know that it is right – thanks to working with Barb I’ve just landed a new leadership role!”
Kate (executive in a social purpose organisation)
“Leadership Space was a sensational facilitator of our Board Review. The project challenged us but more importantly got us all on the same page, even on contentious, long-standing issues. Elise is a consummate professional: highly skilled with individual conversations, able to generate productive group sessions, and to get the whole team signed up to important change. Even the report was succinct and compelling. If anyone is hesitating about whether to engage Leadership Space on a project to support the development of their Board, my counsel is, ‘Do it.’ If you have any regrets, it will be that you didn’t do it sooner!”
Suzie Riddell, Executive Director, Education, SVA & Director, Holdsworth Community Services Centre
“I have really enjoyed enjoyed the support I have received from Barb Barkley of Leadership Space as my Executive Coach.  Through a process of reflection Barb has helped me learn more about myself and my strengths and gaps as a leader.  Barb assisted me during a critical time of joining a new organisation and setting the strategy for increasing UNICEF Australia’s impact for children through our Policy and Advocacy work.  Though our coaching sessions, Barb assisted me to stay focussed on my goals and helped me determine the steps that I could most effectively take to achieve them.  Our coaching sessions enabled me to reflect and consider different perspectives in my leadership.  Barb extended this support through a facilitated session with the Policy and Advocacy team, enabling us to clarify as a group how we progress UNICEF Australia’s goals and responsibilities in working with Governments to uphold the United Nations’ conventions on the rights of the child.  I would recommend Barb as a coach to anyone seeking to stretch themselves as a social purpose leader. “
Nicole Breeze, Director of Policy and Advocacy, UNICEF Australia
“Elise is a born facilitator and coach. Combining deep emotional intelligence with a knowledge of and passion for social impact leadership, Elise enables emerging and established leaders to become more effective and purposeful in achieving their goals. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat.”
Janine Hoffman, former General Manager, Centre for Social Impact
“OHO is the largest organisation of its kind in the world and has been actively transforming the socio-economic landscape around us for over a decade. Prior to going through the program logic process however we struggled to identify and articulate both our theory of change and our organisation’s central value proposition. Over the last 3 months this process has helped us review and re-evaluate several core assumptions that were both un-examined and unhelpful. Elise’s strength as a facilitator is matched by her incredible value as a mentor and she skillfully used the program logic model to strategically reposition our organisation to rest more solidly upon our innate strengths. I highly recommend the process to any organisation seeking to pause and sharpen the saw”
Jimi Wollumbin, CEO, One Health Organisation
“Elise has a flair for delivering a really good mix of teaching and interactive exercises. As both a facilitator and coach she is very effective. She is engaging and professional and brings deep experience and passion. I gained valuable context and insight, and would highly recommend her.”

Judy, Board Director and transitioner

“Elise is an exceptional and intuitive guide for professional transitions.  She brought an immense range of knowledge, helpful resources and tools, and a whole-person consideration that enabled me anchor into myself and create a container for transformation.  Her amazing ability to listen deeply meant that I felt truly heard, and she challenged me exactly when I needed it most. This combination helped me evolve my goals, strategies and action plans, with a deep sense of accountability, not only to her but also to myself. I would not have been as successful in transitioning without Elise’s guidance. Our work together has been a priceless gift that will surely keep giving. “
Marisa Guber, Centre for Social Impact, to Nook Studios
“Elise worked with Milk Crate Theatre on our Board Review. We gained a clear and united view of the kind of person and skills we wanted and needed with regards to a new Chairperson. The one-on-one interviews with Directors provided great value, highlighting areas the board needed to resolve and agree on as a team, as well as gaps and opportunities to further strengthen the organisation. The facilitated workshop clarified our position on key issues and introduced us to useful frameworks to extend our strategic thinking. Thanks for partnering with us on this work.”
Angus White, former Chair, Milk Crate Theatre & Chair, Vincent Fairfax Ethics in Leadership Foundation. 
“The First 100 Days program  was invaluable because it gave focus to critical areas early in the tenure of our new CEO. Elise has a style that makes it easy to open up about the thorny issues and she facilitates discussions very well, offering good insights. The combination of her skills and the structured approach meant healthy discussions took place. Preparing the KPI’s and assisting guide the suggested allocation of time for the new CEO was very helpful as well. I would highly recommend it.”
Bernard Curran, Chair, Creche & Kindergarten Association & Chair, Prince Charles Hospital Foundation
“From the moment I started working with Elise, I felt engaged and committed to my goal of a significant career shift. Her process provides momentum, ensuring I was moving forward, rather than drifting. Importantly, Elise opened my mind to new paths and opportunities that I hadn’t previously considered. Once I started interviewing, Elise proved to be a great resource and gave me a significant edge during what was a highly competitive process. I found the process stimulating, challenging and ultimately rewarding – securing a great role in a new industry. Success!“
Richard Lindell, Director, International CFO Forum
“I recently attended a seminar facilitated by Elise.  I was tremendously impressed by the way she was able to succinctly convey the topics and clarify the many ways in which I could make a contribution.  The diversity of her experiences and her sensitive manner contributed greatly to each participant walking away motivated, informed and inspired.  I am particularly grateful to Elise for highlighting the value of my personal purpose as a means to engage with others.  I have no hesitation in recommending Elise.”
Grant, Lawyer and career transitioner
“Working with Elise meant I benefited from a solid approach to my first 100 days as CEO. It helped me clarify the job expectations, contributed to me effectively prioritising my work over those first crucial few months, and assisted in decision-making. The other part that I think is highly valuable is the structured approach it brought to developing my rapport with the Chair of the board.  Overall, a great way to start out in a new role that was important to both me, and the Foundation, to get right.”
Michael Hornby, CEO, Prince Charles Hospital Foundation
“Leadership Space facilitated a sharpened awareness of our needs as a Board. Before the review we were focused on governance and processes but understood our industry was facing a paradigm shift in service delivery, culture and competition. Now we’re really talking about leadership and how we fulfill this. The project gave us a wake-up call and initiated the first steps needed to  commence the change. I feel so much more energised now. It was valuable time out to reflect and we now have a clear picture of success for ourselves as a Board and are on that journey. Elise did a fantastic job.”
Wendy Miller, Board Director, Holdsworth Community Services, previously CFO Benevolent Society
“I’d like to thank you for the half-day offsite workshop that you did with the team. It was a great session and really useful, and I’d certainly consider using Leadership Space again in the future.”
Antonia Ruffell, CEO, Australian Philanthropic Services
“I highly recommend executive coaching with Elise. I was skilfully supported to more effectively manage Board dynamics during a strategic review. It was thought provoking, practical, and purposeful. Overall, a valuable opportunity to become a more competent and capable leader.”
Executive Director, Philanthropic Foundation
“The coaching with Elise has facilitated good thinking and ideas. Working together has been a valuable contributor to an effective relationship being established between the Chair and me, and is providing significant development opportunities for our senior executives.”
Michael Tizard, CEO, The Creche and Kindergarten Association
“The confidence and clarity I gained in my career journey was excellent. I am thrilled. I valued the variety Elise was able to bring; help to think through out how to approach some of the tricky conversations I needed to have, practical ideas, challenging me to keep up the momentum, and an overall plan. Absolutely recommended.”
Shane, career transitioner
“During the 3 months Elise and I worked together I gained perceptive insights and it challenged my thinking around processes. Working together helped clarify my role and the expectations, contributed to stronger and more honest working relationships with the Chairs of the board, and contributed to a stronger vision of what needs to get done.”
Belinda Leonard, CEO, Nordoff Robins Music Therapy Association
“Elise’s guidance and support improved my vision and confidence even in one session. I have started implementing the strategies and I can see how working together leads to huge improvements in development.”
Lisa Watson, CEO, Kissabilities