Leadership Space assists individuals, teams and organisations to thrive with purpose.

We work in trusting partnerships with professionals from across the purpose economy: we support leaders from social purpose organisations to achieve the next horizon of performance for themselves and their teams, and we help executives who want a more meaningful career.


We’re a social purpose business bringing coal-face sector experience together with coaching and facilitation expertise.

Meet our Team


We are executive coaches and facilitators with previous social purpose and commercial careers.


We are strengths based and solution focused, offering our clients the best from the rich fields of individual and organisational development.


We excel at supporting the realisation of potential in individuals, teams and organisations.  


Leadership Space Elise Barbara

We love to share our passion for purpose


For us, the social purpose sector means a spectrum of organisations and people that includes social entrepreneurship, not-for-profit organisations, non-government organisations and social purpose businesses. This is where we have deep expertise and philosophical alignment.


Our mission is to support the sustainability and robustness of the purpose economy as it evolves and changes.


We love working with others who share our passion. 

A snapshot of our clients

Here are just some of the wonderful organisations we have the pleasure to work with.